Dosage to Eliminate Blockages

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Dosage to Eliminate Blockages

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Tue Sep 25, 2007 6:37 am

Dear Dr. Fonorow,

My wife has had two heart bypasses and her heart surgeon told her there is nothing further he can now do for her. With your help, I hope to be able to reduce her blockage.

As for myself, back in June I had a heart catch. at which time the surgeon told me that my three arterial heart blockages had been there a long time and since they consisted of hardened material (calcification?) the surgeon advised me that he could not treat me with the balloon treatment or stints, strongly advised me to have a heart bypass.

I turned down the bypass and told my surgeon I would seek a less invasive treatment. This brings me to the question of; has the Tower Heart Formula successfully remove hardened (calcified) arterial blockage?

Also, had EECP treatment last June. Felt much better for a time, but now find it difficult to take my walks without angina pain and breathlessness.

In closing, I have two questions:

1. Based on my symptoms what would you recommend as to dosage of the Tower Heart Formula;for myself, for my wife?

2. What is your best estimate as to the duration of treatment to; 1.effect to realize the easing of symptoms? 2. effect a cure as to the blockage?



Dear W.J.P.,,

First of all, I have long been an advocate for the Linus Pauling's protocol as first presented publicly on the video A UNIFIED THEORY OF HEART DISEASE. Many, many people have reported positive (to miraculous) results. It is a shame that modern medicine has so far refused to study this unpatentable approach.

Let me make it clear that what I recommend are the basic ingredients, e.g. vitamin C as ascorbic acid, 6000 to 18000 mg, lysine, etc.

The protocol I recommend is posted at:

There are fine products that contain these ingredients, such as the Tower Heart Formulas, that also avoid fillers and many reduce the number of pills required, etc. If you were going to rely on the Tower Heart Technology formula, for instance, I would recommend two jars monthly,
and I would suggest adding the following

300 mg chelated magnesium
200 mg CoQ10
Good Omega/3

But you can get all these ingredients separately as pills. The most important nutrient for you both at this time is vitamin C. (If you have been taking more than 500 mg daily, I would be quite surprised. If not, then that clearly explains your problem. You can still have the problem with 500 mg, but usually not so severe. My conjecture is that in general, 10,000 mg of
vitamin C as ascorbic acid daily prevents the entire problem

Now, given the description you provided, and based on knowledge from a board-certified cardiologist Thomas Levy in his recent book STOP AMERICA'S #1 KILLER, I would say that you should not expect you plaques to reverse overnight. And, were I in your shoes, I might have
accepted the by-pass operation. The biggest problem is the drugs that always accompany such an operation.

If you are going to go the alternative route, then you should consider that Tower Ascorsine-9 product, two servings each, with the idea of reducing to regular Heart Technology over time. With additional vitamin C between A-9 servings (e.g., every 4 hours) and adding vitamin K.

Vitamin K is probably the most important element in reducing calcium in soft tissue, because K regulates calcium into bones.

There can be many other issues, e.g. blood sugar, stents, dental toxicity, vitamin C bowel tolerance, and we discuss all these things here at our forum

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Consider Vitamins D3 and K2(Mk-7)

Post Number:#2  Post by Ralph Lotz » Sat Sep 29, 2007 4:13 pm

Both D3 and K2 are necessary for proper utilization of calcium in the body. Both of these inexpensive vitamins have a profound effect on inflammation and cell differentiation.

Vitamin D’s Crucial Role in Cardiovascular Protection
By William Davis, MD ... ind_01.htm

Just One Pill Away

Take time to view this website and see what coumadin does to arteries when people fail to consume enough vitamin K2(MK-7). Mk-7 is effective at much lower doses than MK-4

Introduction to Vitamin K
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