Lysine - Arginine Antagonism

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Lysine - Arginine Antagonism

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Thu Nov 29, 2007 7:41 am


I've read on a couple sites that taking lysine and arginne taken together cancels out each other.Is there any truth to this ?Also that ascorbates are better than acorbic.Please answer

There may be an antagonism between arginine and lysine inside cells - as one may cause DNA to coil, the other recoil. Arginine may cause viruses (e.g. herpes> to flare up, while lysine is recommended to control viral outbreaks, etc.

As far as "canceling" therapeutic effects, this is news to me, in fact both are probably good for helping to create NO (the stuff that helps arteries dilate).

I have tried to track the sources that recommend not to take arginine and lysine together - with little luck. If you find a good reference, let me know.

Our forum has much discussion about the relative merits of pure ascorbic acid, versus one of its salts. The experts seem to recommend only one salt - sodium ascorbate. And if you are fighting a viral infection, the late Dr. Cathcart wrote that only ascorbic acid orally would have the therapeutic effect.

But any form of vitamin C is better than no vitamin C
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