Weston Price Still Pushing So-Called Natural C

What is vitamin C? Is there such a thing as a vitamin C complex? Why do so many people now believe in the complex?

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Weston Price Still Pushing So-Called Natural C

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Found this language at the link below (Googled on Weston A. Price) and was
curious about your thoughts.

Standard Process
I often ask my patients to stop all their usual vitamins and supplements, and to replace them with carefully chosen products from Standard Process.

Why? Let me use the example of vitamin C to illustrate my reasoning. Many take some form of vitamin C supplementation, either all the time or when they feel ill. These people are often surprised to hear me say that, not only are they not doing themselves any good, they may actually be causing harm by taking the usual forms of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid, often erroneously called vitamin C, is a potent natural preservative found in small amounts in plants and in some animal tissues. It is an essential nutrient for humans, as we are unable to synthesize vitamin C on our own.

Ascorbic acid is always found in nature as an organic mixture, which includes such things as magnesium, manganese, bioflavonoid, rutin and many other organic compounds. In order to be effective in us it must have all these other cofactors present, not just the ascorbic acid. Most vitamin C products, with very few exceptions, strip the ascorbic acid part of the complex and call this vitamin C. It is not; it is only ascorbic acid, actually the preservative part of the vitamin C complex. This ascorbic acid is then given in enormous quantities, far more than is ever found in natural food, and far more than our bodies can safely use. Not only can we not use these huge quantities of ascorbic acid, but our bodies also are forced to call on its own reserves to join with this ascorbic acid. This draws upon and eventually depletes our bodies of these other vital nutrients that make up the vitamin C complex.
Standard Process is one of only two companies that I know of that
doesn't make this mistake. When Standard Process puts vitamin C in their
products, it is always the whole plant or animal extract dehydrated at low
heat to preserve the integrity of the complex. Starting with vitamin C-rich
sources such as rose hips, acerola berries, buckwheat shoots and animal
adrenal glands, each tablet will contain only about 2-10 mg of ascorbic
acid, which by federal decree is labeled as the vitamin C content. In fact,
one cannot get more than about 15 mg of vitamin C into a normal-sized
tablet. All the pills with more than this are nothing more than chemical
ascorbic acid which, as I said, is a chemical preservative that we have no
business ingesting in such huge amounts.


I addressed this misinformation in


Its too bad they have soiled Weston Price's otherwise fine reputation, and this false idea is also the reason the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine wouldn't study Pauling's "ascorbic acid" remedy for heart disease.

To Weston Price's credit, somebody from W. P. did call me after I questioned Sally Falloon's misinformation in Fourfoldpathtohealing. Also, we have devoted this entire Forum devoted to a free and frank discussion of this issue.

As a matter of some concern, the Townsend Letter has asked us to edit our Natural Vitamin C dissertation before they will publish it. The T. L. apparently has a rule not to "discuss" any particular company, and want me to remove the references to Standard Process, and probably Weston Price. I don't have a problem with this, and it would probably be a more powerful document edited, however, they are also concerned about the reference to Berkley Bidell and the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine. The attitude of NFAM that "ascorbic acid would be harmful" was the reason I decided to write the article. These are fine people at NFAM. They are simply misguided on this issue, and I couldn't straighten them out over the phone.
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