Have a chronic disease? Have mercury amalgams?

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Have a chronic disease? Have mercury amalgams?

Post Number:#1  Post by blueskymyne » Mon Nov 06, 2006 3:46 am

This is the most comprehensive article concerning mercury amalgams and many types of diseases. It was written by a chemist.

Most people with chronic diseases never make the connection to either thier mercury amalgams or root canalled teeth as the primary source of the condition and needlessly treat the condtion with drugs which in in turn do not solve the problem.

When Doctors look at diseases they never say, "open your mouth" , But as a very wise Korean biodentist told me this is the first thing that should be promptly removed to ameliorate the condition and to prevent new conditions from occuring
when troubleshooting a disease. Especially a cancer where time is important.

The disease list is long.

Mercury is the most toxic metal on the planet next to arsenic.

I have had 10 amalgams removed, two at a time and replaced with composite, and followed with a detox program.
My chronic skin problem has corrected itself after 15 years from the placement of the amalgam. I never made the connection.

Vitamin C, gluthatione, NAC, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin e, chorella, cilantro, activated charcoal and other substances all played a role in detox. Dr. Cutler can be googled for a good detox of mercury. He mainly uses alpha lipoic. There are several detox methods however.

The tobacco lawsuits would pale in comparison if the public knew just how bad this substance is.

Yet the American Dental Association has placed gag orders on Dentists from telling their patients the truth without fear of disbarrment from practice. That is wrong. The reason they do that is this:

1. To protect the ADAs vested interest in the mercury metal business.
2. To protect the entire Dental industry from widespread lawsuits should the majority of the public learn the truth.

Many people suffer many different types of dibilitating diseases uneccessarily due to the ADA. Many of these diseases kill a person slowly.

I hate the ADA. Lying decieving, greedy bastards.

Please read this. There are 8 parts to it.

It is fairly lengthy but will give good insight to how dangerous this substance is.

Have a good one.



Post Number:#2  Post by J.Lilinoe » Sat Nov 11, 2006 4:17 am

BLUE.......thanks for the article. Dr. Levy recommends removing amalgams too. I also hate the ADA and the dentists who remian silent and let their patients sicken due to amalgams.


Post Number:#3  Post by blueskymyne » Sat Nov 11, 2006 7:39 pm

J.Lilinoe wrote:BLUE.......thanks for the article. Dr. Levy recommends removing amalgams too. I also hate the ADA and the dentists who remian silent and let their patients sicken due to amalgams.

You bet.

Not easy to read but the guy definently put together a comphrensive paper with many credible referrences including the U.S. government who so hipocritically through its branch of the ADA and FDA and Quackwatch/Dental watch are the only ones on the world-wide web still telling the public it is "safe". Yet by the refferences sited by the author the other branches of government has hipocritaclly denounced mercury as "unsafe".

The ADA/FDA/Quackwatch/Dental watch all say mercury amalgam is "Safe"

The U.S. dept. of Interior says that a one gram of mercury is enough to warrant the closure of a one acre lake and deem the fish unacceptable for human consumption.

Yet the ADA/FDA/Quackwatch/Dental watch say that it is perfectly "Safe" to have any amount of mercury in the mouth. This can be as much as 15 grams! in many people in society.l

Ill trust the chemical engineer who wrote the paper.

Have a good one J.

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